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July 11, 2013   



Gen 7:19  The water prevailed more and more upon the earth, so that all the high mountains everywhere under the heavens were covered. ... 8:4  In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. 5 The water decreased steadily until the tenth month; in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains became visible.   - NASU  




 Isotope Dating Part Four



July 11th our speaker is Dr. David Shormann who will bring a real case study of catastrophic processes and isotope dating processes all in the same geologic setting. Novarupta is a giant volcano that exploded in southwest Alaska in 1912, just 101 years ago. This huge volcanic explosion was 30 times larger than Mt. St. Helens. Within 60 hours it left more than 700 feet of deposits in places and created the Valley of 10,000 Smokes! This eruption presents an excellent opportunity to study the geologic work that was done by a truly catastrophic event. Dr. Shormann has studied Novarupta for several years including argon isotope dating of the Novarupta lava dome. As with many volcanos, the isotope dates are vastly beyond the know age of 101 years, showing once again that the standard assumptions about initial conditions and isolated decay are faulty. His title is Argon Isotope Dating Calibration vs. Novarupta: No Good Reason for Millions of Years.


This presentation is the last in a four part series on isotope dating. The following is an overview of the first three parts with an emphasis on part three.


Part One: C-14 in all strata

We saw that eruptions from volcanos commonly give isotope dates hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of years in excess of their observed eruption dates. This clearly shows that the assumed initial conditions, isolation from surroundings, and constant decay rates are not reliable at all. This problem with assumptions holds true even for the most sophisticated isochron method.


We also saw that C-14 is found in all sources c-14 generation diagramof carbon found in all of the geologic strata from dinosaur bone to coal, oil, gas, graphite and even diamond. All efforts over the last thirty years to explain this C-14 as some kind of contamination have failed. The presence of fast decaying C-14 demands ages in the thousands of years for all sedimentary strata throughout the entire geologic column. None of the geologic strata can be even so much as a hundred thousand years old, not to mention millions or billions, even give uniformitarian assumptions. This evidence demands a catastrophic deposition process for all of the geologic sedimentary strata with no long periods of erosion between strata.


Part Two: Helium in zircon

Zircon is a very hard mineral that is the first in granite rock to crystalize as the molten magma cools. The chemistry of zircon crystallization rejects any lead present and draws in any uranium present so zircon provides a near ideal isolated environment for dating. In these crystals there are actually two clocks because the uranium has two stable daughter products, lead and helium, and the helium diffuses out of the zircon crystals at some rate. But the helium has long been ignored because the diffusion rate of helium in zircon had never been measured. So the team of Ph. D. scientists in the zircon model graphRATE research project developed two mathematical models, one predicting the diffusion rates required for a 6000 year old creation history and one for a billion year old uniformitarian history. Then they sent zircon samples to the world's leading diffusion expert to measure the actual diffusion rates. The independently measured data is plotted as black dots on this graph. As one can see all of the independently measured diffusion rate data points (black dots) fit very well with the young 6000 year creation model and none of the measured data points come even within a factor of a hundred thousand of the uniformitarian model. This demonstrates that these zircon crystals and the granite they are in are about 6000 years old. But that leaves a great mystery about how the normally very slow uranium decay process would have time to produce the observed lead and helium. The only explanation that has been found is that there must have been some periods of accelerated decay in the history of these zircons and the granite. But what causes accelerated decay and where did the heat it would produce go? More on that below. 


Part Three: Radiohalos

Radiohalos are tiny spheres of crystal damage that forms around a small zircon or a grain of uranium. Each alpha decay step in the decay chain produces a sphere of physical damage with diameters proportional to the decay energy. These radiohalos can be studied under a microscope and used to identify the elements that decayed. The RATE research scientists studied 14575 uranium halos from various locations on several continents. Surprisingly, 76% of the uranium radiohalos were found in granite where magmas have intruded into fossil bearing sedimentary strata, 20% were found in metamorphic rocks, but only 3.5% were found in Precambrian strata. Uniformitarians should expect many more or even a majority in Precambrian rock, but not so. The observed data is consistent with catastrophic deposition of all the fossil bearing strata as we would expect for flood strata.


What is even more surprising is that associatedPolonium 210 radiohalos   with these same strata is an even larger number of polonium (Po) radiohalos separated from their parent U-238 radiohalos. The U-238 in the zircons is the only possible source of the Po. This can happen because radon is the element in the uranium decay chain just before polonium. Because radon is an inert gas a little bit of it can diffuse out of the zircon during the very short 3.8 day half-life of radon. The radon is then carried by hot hydrothermal water from the cooling and solidifying granite through the surrounding biotite mineral layers until it decays to Po. The Po is not an inert gas; it has a chemical affinity to sulfur so it combines with minute grains of sulfur. Then Po decays and forms its distinctive radiohalo separated by a small distance from the parent uranium halo. The key to make this work is lots of hot flowing water. In fact granitic magma gives up a lot of very hot water as it solidifies. Uniformitarians think of granite cooling only very slowly over millions of years but that won't work because of the very short half-lives of radon and polonium! This has to happen very quickly because both radon and the isotopes of polonium are very short lived.


The RATE scientists show that the only way to get the very large numbers of normally very long half-life uranium radiohalos along with even larger numbers of halos of very short half-life polonium in biotite in granites intruding fossil bearing strata is by catastrophic emplacement of the granite accompanied by accelerated decay and the removal of enough heat to bring the temperature below the annealing point in biotite in less than ten days.


Now we have three lines of isotopic evidence that point to the idea that essentially all the fossil bearing strata was laid down by water in a catastrophic event accompanied by accelerated isotopic decay accompanied by some extremely powerful means of heat removal throughout the rock.


The most obvious physical cooling mechanism that is capable of removing the immense heat generated by accelerated isotopic decay and the heat generated by the mechanical work done in a worldwide catastrophe is the expansion of space itself. Many find this idea to be a little outrageous, so it interesting to compare it to the episode of the expansion of space early in Big Bang cosmology called inflation. Inflation's rapid expansion of space is supposed to cool the entire universe in just seconds from near infinite temperature to the point where subatomic particles and atomic nuclei could begin to form! So, you can see that it is an extremely powerful cooling mechanism indeed. One should also be aware that there are several different theories of cosmological inflation, none of which are solid enough to gain dominate acceptance because all of them entail many unanswered question. The chief question is what caused inflation to start and what caused it to stop? There are no good answers here, but it is certain that without cosmological inflation, Big Bang theory would totally collapse. Compared to cosmological inflation the expansion of space needed to remove the heat of accelerated decay would be tiny in size and very slow in time, taking perhaps days, weeks or a month to complete, and it might not necessarily be uniform throughout space.


The accelerated decay mechanism needed could be accomplished by a small variation in some nuclear parameter like nuclear well depth. Further, nuclear stability and accelerated decay would likely be affected by the RATE vol 2 coverexpansion of space needed to cool the environment of the accelerated isotopic decay. The accelerated decay and accompanying cooling of expansion could occur at two times, most in the first days of creation associated with the formation of the Earth and the continents before life was created and a lesser amount during the Flood while the only life that needed to be preserved was shielded by thousands of feet of water.


There is so much more to the work of the RATE scientists that is impossible to relate very much of it in these limited expositions. A detailed research report has been published giving the research objectives, analyses, testing, data, and evaluations by the RATE scientists in an 800 page technical book titled Radioisotopes And The Age of the Earth Volume II, edited by Drs. Larry Vardiman, Andrew Snelling, and Eugene Chaffin. This book is highly recommended to all with some formal science training. Thousands ... Not Billons coverFor those with less formal science training or less time there is an exposition for laymen written by physics professor Dr. Don DeYoung titled Thousands ... Not Billions. There is also a DVD with this title. These books also deal with the most significant criticisms of the RATE research work. We urge both skeptics and enthusiasts alike to check out the work of these scientists for themselves.


Clearly much has been accomplished toward explaining the mysteries of isotopes in the history of the earth. Generally the research results are quite consistent with a young creation. However, much more work is needed toward a comprehensive theory and the creation community will continue to go about the task of gathering and analyzing more and more data toward that goal. Our speaker for part four of this isotope dating series is doing just that!


Dr. Shormann's presentation for July 11th will be a case study of the specifics of a particular place called Novarupta, a truly catastrophic volcanic explosion 30 times larger than Mt. St. Helens. We will hear the adventure of onsite exploration, see the data, learn how it is to work with a dating lab, examine the conclusions, ask question, and share in the discussion. In early August Dr. Shormann will present this work to the International Conference on Creationism (ICC). The ICC is a conference event every four years where scientists from around the world are invited to submit their work for peer review, publication and live presentation to an audience of other scientists. The GHCA will be honored to have a exciting preview of Dr. Shormann's peer reviewed research work. 


July 11, 2013

Argon Isotope Dating Calibration vs. Novarupta:

No Good Reason for Millions of Years

By Dr. David Shormann

Meeting space kindly provided at:

Houston's First Baptist Church

7401 Katy Freeway at Post Oak

Reception Room, 7 PM


Please join us for this unique preview of an ICC paper and the discussion that follows. Bring some friends; all are welcome to join in. Everyone will enjoy the fellowship, snacks, and array of creation books and DVDs as well. As always, please forward this newsletter to all who might be interested. More information about GHCA is always at our website, Join our mail list via the button below.



Looking forward to seeing you there,


Frank Mayo



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