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April  6    GHCA meeting - presentation, fellowship, books

Designer Genes and Information

 by Robert Brayton 

Brayton will examine the inner workings of the molecular information system of the living cell. Information and the molecular system that stores and utilizes information is probably the most essential aspect of life itself.  He will also explore what John von Neumann, the father of the modern computer, called the implausibility of molecular evolution. Additionally, he will debut a little discussed requirement in the molecular abiogenesis model of the origin of the first life. That requirement poses a compelling challenge to the naturalistic worldview of the evolution of the information system of the living cell.

Prior to 2006 Brayton designed computer systems, including research in digital hardware, firmware and software with two patents for major companies. He studied at Purdue University, LeTourneau University, and the Texas School of Photography. As a Certified Professional Photographer, he now operates a photography business named PhotoVideoSound. His other interests include astrophotography, art, music, and Mensa.


March 9     GHCA meeting - presentation, fellowship, books

Dating God’s Creation

by GHCA President, Frank Mayo

The big news in recent years is dinosaur bones still containing unfossilized soft tissue and that soft tissue also contains fast decaying radiocarbon 14! All of that should be long gone many time over in the conventionally presumed age of the dinosaurs. Further it has long been known that fast decaying radiocarbon 14 is found in geologic strata of all ages. That means that none of these fossils or strata can be more than tens of thousands of years old! More of this evidence keeps coming out to confirm the already solid trend. But wait, there is much more evidence like this that has no answer other than a young supernatural creation. Join us to explore the science of these fascinating puzzle pieces and how they fit with the Bible

February  23            Is Genesis History ?

A nationwide one-night only documentary movie event in eleven Houston theaters. Dr. Del Tackett, creator of The Truth Project tavels the world interviewing a variety of PhD scientists on site seeking answers to long standing questions surrounding the book of Genesis.

This documentary is a great chance to get updated and informed by PhD scientists who are convinced that a young supernatural creation is the best explanation for the history in Genesis and the scientific evidence. You will be amazed how strong this evidence is!  It is important to be well informed even if you are not ready to buy in

Watch the Trailer

Meet the scientists here.

List of theater locations:  Theaters and Tickets

February 9, 2017    GHCA meeting - presentation, fellowship, books

The Crystaline Universe - The EPoLa

By Tony Comeaux P.E. (BS Nuclear Engineering)

Tony Comeaux qualitatively explains Dr. M. Simhony's innovative alternative to the constituents of the universe. This is a Bible-honoring theory of the universe that explains "space" and its interaction with other things with just algebra. Simhony defines space and derives electric, magnetic, gavitational, and inertial forces and relativistic mass changes and many quantum effects. There is no quantum weirdness needed and it blows away the Big Bang. This exciting theory could be the way of the future in physical science.


January 5, 2017    GHCA meeting - presentation, fellowship, books

Miraculous Physics in Creation?

By Frank Mayo

The Genesis narrative of creation presents a sequence of supernatural acts in six days. It is emphasized that these days include one morning and one evening and one period of light and one period of dark. Different elements of life are created in separate stages. Could it be that the physics we observe now was introduced in several developmental stages? We will look and this possibility and consider if that might point the way for better physical theory in general


December 1, 2016    GHCA meeting - presentation, fellowship, books

What Are You Giving for Christmas?

 By Steve Lem, BSBA, MEd

Christmas is coming soon and many of us are busy with gifts and decorations. There is a mounting air of joy for Bible believers. But what about those who claim not to believe there is anything spiritual. Materialists claim that only matter and energy exist and that logic is the only valid reason for anything. However, rigorous formal logic from philosophy shows that morality, evil, God, justification, and salvation are all necessary consequences of rigorus logic. This is a fascinating study that expands our understanding that the gospel message has a solid logical basis as well as a spiritual one. It will also challenge the materialists to consider some of the logic they have ignored so far. The parts of logic they have ignored leads to Jesus and His offer of salvation, the “reason for the season” and the joy in our hearts. This gives great glory to the Lord that is very appropriate for this Christmas season. It can also open the door for some nonbelievers. Join us for this adventure in logic


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