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What about Lucy?

lucyThe famous Lucy fossil is now touring the USA and the first stop is Houston. Lucy will be on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science until March 11th. Lucy will be sure to create a lot of excitement and publicity for the evolution advocates. But over the years many scientists have been pointing out the problems with Lucy that the advocates have been sweeping under the rug.

Anatomy professor Dr. David Menton made an excellent DVD explaining the Lucy fossil and the associated fossil material. Lucy She's No Lady? is highly recommended for groups wanting to see the other side of the story. Available at Answers In Genesis:      Lucy—She’s No Lady!



 The Revolution Against Evolution site provides some very informative facts about the history of Lucy and the famous knee joint which was found very far removed from the rest of the fossil material. Take a look and decide if this science is professional, expert, unbiased, or an open minded search for truth, or perhaps, none of the above.

        Lucy's Knee Joint Revisited 

The Answers In Genesis (AIG) site has several useful articles on Lucy and a few of these follow:

        Lucy (and her "child") - look like extinct apes after all  by Dr. David DeWitt of Liberty University.

        Farewell to "Lucy"  by Dr. David Menton.

        'Lucy' is not the 'Missing Link'!  This article provides an interesting quote of Dr. Richard Leakey.

       How Coherent Is the Human Evolution Story  Geologist William Hoesch has some interesting comments on Lucy at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) site.

        I Love Lucylucy